Dear Breeders

We enter this season with two stallions in the world top ten sires of their sport, Grafenstolz in eventing and Kannan now in his 8th year in the top flight. Quintero went higher again into the 60’s with Namelus R, which for a stallion with such a small number of breedings early in his career, seriously shows his quality. In total we own five Top 100 stallions again this year, keeping us in the top five stallion owners in world breeding.

After four wonderful years in Rodez, we have moved back to our farm near Alencon, following a full renovation of houses and barn, to create a state of the art stallion station and insemination centre. At the time of writing, the building hasn’t quite finished, but we’ll be ready in time for the season.

In Ireland we saw increased inseminations across the board and have been very pleased with the results, so we’re putting more stallions over there for 2018: Coupe de Coeur from Ludger Beerbaum, Quintero for another season, Chello III with Osborne Farms in Carlow, Triomphe de Muze with Dr Kate Murray as well as Cormint and the legend, Parco with Drumhowan.

In the southern hemisphere, our reputation for quality customer service, conditions and stallions, continues to see us increase market share, as we expand our network of vet centres where we stock semen, to keep the cost of breeding down for our clients.

Fingers crossed for all you this year, as global breeding numbers come down each season, those of you who are brave enough will see the benefits of your good decisions and partnership with The Stallion Company, in the prices you achieve for your foals and youngstock.

All the best

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Ken Rehill


16 hours ago

The Stallion Company

The stunning Cormint (Calido x Carthargo x Lord)
800€ live foal guarantee
Standing in Drumhowan Stud, Ireland.
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Is he going to be available in South Africa?

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1 day ago

The Stallion Company

The stunning Cormint (Calido x Carthargo x Lord)
800€ live foal guarantee
Standing in Drumhowan Stud, Ireland.
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This stallion makes me want to buy myself a brood mare 🙄🤔😍

Oh look Leanne Moir!!! 💙💙💙

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Kannan the sport and breeding legend, still at the same price, still world top 10.

2500€ LFG.
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I am thinking about using him on my Cruising Mare 👍

Mark Brooks

Janet Tolo

Clare Hutterd

Ellie Muller

Taija Renker-Darby Katelyn Harper Sophia Roper Lanices baby daddy 😊👌

Alex Bryden Loiselle, Brigit Kirk

Stevo Tickk

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Royaldik ... See MoreSee Less



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Lisa Donaldson

Kate Lock

Didier Faure

Cannot wait for Our Foal by Royaldik Due in 32 days out of a Grafenstolz x Welton Crackerjack Mare 😍

Larissa Srhoy

Sarah Whitney

Karen Anderson Ede

Kyra Hyland lady g ?

Sarah May Catherine Davies

Can’t wait for my royaldik foal to pop out in July 🐎


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Chello III stationed at Osborne Farms, Carlow. in the world championships as a 5yo: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo2LKr1wfqEyoutube.com ... See MoreSee Less

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Leprince des Bois, legendary XC and always top 2 after dressage. Always had the guts in the last mile that others lack. Standing at The Beaufort ET centre near Badminton. 900€ live foal guarantee. ... See MoreSee Less

Leprince des Bois


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Leprince des Bois x Hand in glove. 80%TB

Al Feerick Gemma Conlon

Leprince des bois x Dumba

Elevage des Bois

Jenny Cook

Katie Busby If we can’t get tiggy right? Nice😍

Alice Hahn Gosling

Rosie de Courcy

Georgia Marsland excited for this baby!

Natalie Dawson ?

Charlotte Berridge for Nora?

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