Dear Breeders

2018 will go down as the toughest year I ever experienced in the business. The move back up to Normandy was hard, very hard,
with delays in building and the total change over in staff. But they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Never a truer word
spoken! We come into 2019 with fresh ideas, and a renewed strength and determination to serve our breeders.

Whilst this was going on, our stallions quietly got on with their work and their offspring pushed them further up the rankings, leaving us with 5
world top 100 sires for the fourth year running. Thank you to their breeders, producers, owners and riders.

In uncertain times we will provide our breeders with solid customer service, and our knowledge to make the right decisions from our years of experience.
As breedings reduce, now is the time for the brave to continue to breed and to profit from higher prices in the end.

My decision to station stallions in breeding areas, rather than maintain a station, I hope will serve us and more importantly, you, very well.
The centres we have chosen are professional, and give us greater flexibility to concentrate on even better customer service.

Our HQ in Normandy is now fully functioning and we’re ready to receive your mares under the best conditions and vet care. We look forward to
meeting you!! Good luck to you all in 2019, fingers crossed, and may you get the best results and prices!

All the best

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Ken Rehill


So, Chacco Blue II's oldest progeny are in fact
three now, and here's his oldest son taking the Hungarian bred Champion title in the Hungarian studbook approvals!!!

This a beautful blood type modern stallion, absolutely stunning and exactly what I would expect Chacco Blue II to breed.

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Chacco Blue II confirmed WFFS negative today! ... See MoreSee Less

Chacco Blue II confirmed WFFS negative today!Image attachmentImage attachment

Chacco Blue II, ist anerkannt für den Oldenburger Verband

Chacco is confirmed approved with the Oldenburg Verband
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Chacco Blue II,  ist anerkannt für den Oldenburger Verband

Chacco is confirmed approved with the Oldenburg VerbandImage attachment

Attention Belgian and Zangersheide breeders, Chacco Blue II will be presented at the Z approvals on Friday at Lanaken. So if you're going along, check him out in his box. His Xray are already passed we understand. At the same time he will be inspected by the KWPN for full approval with them, so a big weekend for us and Chacco. Hopefully you'll like the look of him for your mare, and remember that we now have chilled semen to be shipped all around Europe during the week. The first doses of frozen will be available in Belgium with Equimedic and in Ireland with John Haughey. ... See MoreSee Less

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